Moe. - No Guts, No Glory Vinyl 2 Record Set
Moe. - No Guts, No Glory Vinyl 2 Record Set

Moe. - No Guts, No Glory Vinyl 2 Record Set

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Moe. - No Guts, No Glory Vinyl 2 Record Set with Download Code

Moe.”s new album No Guts, No Glory finds Moe. at their most inventive and resilient. The album's has 14 songs and features artwork by Emek, and took a winding path into existence. “These songs were written with an acoustic album in mind,” says guitarist and vocalist Chuck Garvey. When that original intention fell victim to logistical hurdles, Garvey says, “we ended up making a whole different thing.”That “different thing” turned out to be a vibrant collaboration with longtime moe. ally Dave Aron. Aron has distinguished himself over the past twenty years as a go-to hip-hop engineer and producer, facilitating albums by Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, and many others. “But he”s also worked with Prince and U2,” moe. drummer Vinnie Amico explains. “Hip-hop is where he carved his niche, but he”s got an ear for rock.” 

The acoustic foundation of No Guts, No Glory adds a buoyancy and richness to the album”s songs and performances, which are put across with an energetic, spontaneous feel true to moe.”s well-earned reputation as as a casino online thrilling live band. “Dave basically wanted to emulate a show,” says percussionist Jim Loughlin. “He was focused on the vibe.” Acoustic instrumentation, from mandolin to vibes, is woven into the album”s multi-textured fabric, enhancing songs as diverse as the expansive psychedelia of “Silver Sun,” the churning, rootsy “Annihilation Blues,” and the languid, loungey “Same Old Story.”


1. Annihilation Blues
2. White Lightning Turpentine
3. This I Know
4. Same Old Story
5. Silver Sun
6. Calyphornya
7. Little Miss Cup Half Empty
8. Blond Hair And Blue Eyes
9. Do or Die
10. The Pines And The Apple Tree
11. Billy Goat
12. Hey O
13. Mar De Ma
14. Runaway Overlude

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