Hippie Shop or Head Shop?

Hippie Shop or Head Shop? Is there really a difference?

After 17 years of being in business, we've been called a hippie shop, a head shop and everything in between. Hippie Shop, Head Shop, what's the difference? Some people might think that there is no difference, or that they are one and the same. Believe it or not, their really is a difference.

Sure, you might find black light posters and tie dye at both places. You also might find tapestries, and Grateful Dead T-Shirts at both a head shop and a hippie shop. They both will also have a good selection of incense. But you won't find pipes or bongs at a hippie shop, which is why Sunshine Daydream is known as a hippie shop and not a head shop.

We checked Wikipedia (the free online encyclopedia), and they don't have a page for "hippie shop" , but here is their info for "head shop".

From Wikipedia,

head shop is a retail outlet specializing in drug paraphernalia used for consumption of cannabis, other recreational drugs, legal highs, legal party powders and New Age herbs, as well as counterculture art, magazines, music, clothing, and home decor; some head shops also sell oddities, such as antique walking sticks.

Products purchased in these outlets typically include pipes; pipe screens; bongs (often called water pipes in countries with drug paraphernalia laws); roach clips; vaporizers; rolling papers; rolling machines; scales or balances; blacklight-responsive posters; incense; cigarette lighters; legal drugs such as whipped-cream chargers (which contain nitrous oxide) and Salvia divinorum (illegal in some countries and US states); and products such as the Whizzinator claiming to give false negative results for drug urinalysis tests.

Incense to Records, Posters to Tie Dye

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