Sublime - 40 Oz. to Freedom Vinyl LP
Sublime - 40 Oz. to Freedom Vinyl LP

Sublime - 40 Oz. to Freedom Vinyl LP

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Sublime - 40 Oz. to Freedom Vinyl LP 

40 Oz. to Freedom is the 1992 debut album by the Southern California ska-punk band Sublime released by Skunk Records and again by MCA. 40 Oz. to Freedom's sound blended various forms of Jamaican music, including ska ("Date Rape"), rocksteady ("54-46 That's My Number"), roots reggae ("Smoke Two Joints") and dub ("Let's Go Get Stoned", "D.J.s") with British and American hardcore punk ("New Thrash", "Hope"), and hip hop (as in "Live at E's").

Track Listing:
  1. Waiting For My Ruca
  2. 40 Oz. to Freedom
  3. Smoke Two Joints
  4. We're Only Gonna Die for Our Own Arrogance
  5. Don't Push
  6. 54-46 That's My Number/Ball and Chain
  7. Badfish
  8. Let's Go Get Stoned
  9. New Thrash
  10. Scarlet Begonias
  11. Live at E's
  12. D.J.s
  13. Chica Me Tipo
  14. Right Back
  15. What Happened
  16. New Song
  17. Ebin
  18. Date Rape
  19. Hope
  20. KRS-One
  21. Rivers Of Babylon

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