Hypno Moons 3D Tapestry
Hypno Moons 3D Tapestry

Hypno Moons 3D Tapestry

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Hypno Moons 3D Tapestry Wall Hanging

You will lose your mind if you stare at this tapestry for too long. It's a 3D hypnotic psychedelic tapestry, and measures approximately 60" x 90". You can use this tapestry as wall hanging in your home or office, throw it over a  couch, or as a bedspread on a twin bed. It would also loo
k great in a dorm room. It is equipped with specially-designed loops to accommodate easy support from a wall, window frame, or ceiling. Comes with free 3D glasses.

Just so there’s no confusion, our tapestries are printed not quilted or woven; they’re designed as wall hangings and not as fitted sheets, so they designed to hang them from walls rather than elastic bands to fix them to sheets. That said, they still look cool as Indian-style bed spreads.

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