Dread Head Dread Wax Haircare
Dread Head Dread Wax Haircare

Dread Head Dread Wax Haircare

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Dread Head Dread Haircare Wax 4oz. Jar

If you're trying to grow dreads, this is what you need.

Our wax is the real deal, designed just for dreads. It allows the hair to move against itself and tighten into smooth locks. It keeps it together so it can lock faster without gluing it in place. This means tight mature locks in about 1/4 the time it used to take. It’s guaranteed not to cake or build up inside the dreads. Hot water will completely remove this dread wax from your dreads and because it’s effective in such small amounts you’ll never need to feel like a wax head. It’s natural composition is not prone to attracting fuzzies and lint like some polymer based products.

Our wax contains no additives that can irritate your scalp or attract bugs.It’s made with unbleached, unrefined hemp seed oil and cosmetic grade beeswax. It’s protein rich and it’s fortified with Vitamin E. It couldn’t be better for keeping dreads healthy or repairing dry or  damaged locks.

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